Feather Education is committed to supporting aspirant students with their international education journey. We are expert at offering holistic, professional, and individualized service to facilitate the complex application to esteemed overseas higher educational institutions. Adhering to the concept of “Nurture & Education,” we take great care of students in every step all along their application. We have helped thousands of students grow fast from scratch and received offers from dream schools. We are proficient in transforming students into excellence.
In Feather Education, we are your friend and mentor. We are here with you to share dreams, create life plans and welcome splendid future.
One-stop service, better than offer.



"Some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright."


Our Students

成立于2008,飞渡教育已走过十个年头,我们致力于让每一位学生“成为更好的自己”,我们擅长让一个厉害的学生变得更厉害,亦着迷于帮助一位曾经普通的学生变得优秀! 岁月匆匆,飛渡始终在这里,祝福抵达远方的你,也欢迎更多心怀留学梦的你。十年专业经验,千名学员案例,Better than Offer.


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