Immersion program
Our Exchange programs provide students with the environment for cross-cultural learning inside and outside of the classroom. Our international exchange programs set the stage for transformative self-discovery, and academic and cross-cultural preparation, that enables students to fulfill their aspirations of pursuing education and professional careers on a global scale.
Through our immersive exchange programs, students will learn how to live, study, and overcome challenges in an international setting. Throughout their stay, our programs focus on developing student independence, fostering cross-cultural collaboration, learning from diverse viewpoints, and promoting personal growth. By learning firsthand about life and education in another country, students ultimately gain a deeper sense of self.
If you are a public or private elementary, middle, or high school looking to expand your global initiatives and bring cultural diversity to your classrooms, we can partner with you to host international exchange students and create life-changing experiences for your school community.
Actual Immersion
We partner with schools across the country to create comprehensive experiential programs that allow students to immerse themselves in different cultures during the academic school year. If you are a public or private elementary, middle, or high school looking to expand your global initiatives and bring cultural diversity to your classrooms, we can help you create life-changing experiences for your students. Our international student exchange programs are culturally enriching and academically challenging, and they provide educators and students with many opportunities to learn from one another.
When you are ready to host international exchange students at your school, we can guide you each step of the way, from host family recruitment strategies and processing, to planning an effective schedule, to managing the students during their stay. Dedicated FE staff will work with you through the entire program, at no cost to your school. When you decide to send your local students abroad, the Chinese Partner Schools offer a range of branch campus locations for study abroad opportunities where our innovative blended curriculum draws from the best of both eastern and western education systems.
Create globally-minded learners, both in the US and around the world
Offer cultural exchange programs between your school and branch campus
Access an alternative revenue stream to fund additional global and strategic priorities.
Differentiate your school by branding yourselves as a true global education institute
Offer your educators an opportunity to teach abroad
Cultivate a new recruitment channel for your school
During our actual immersion education programs, students will: 
* Join local students during class 
* Participate in school sports, extracurricular, and community activities 
* Develop invaluable teamwork, communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills 
* Join student clubs that showcase their talents 
* Enjoy the support from the academic advisor and college counselor
* Experience the local culture and lifestyle with a host family/ on-campus dorm